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At Profiter CPA Group, we're passionate about accounting services for small business owners. We come together with businesses of all types to find accounting and tax solutions that fit their unique needs. When you team up with us, we'll become a sounding board for your ideas and the resource that helps you stay on track to reach your business goals.

As your trusted advisor, we’ll provide the tools to control costs and maintain healthy cash flow so your business is lean and profitable. This includes cloud accounting services, bookkeeping, user-friendly financial statements, and a powerful strategy to reduce taxes so more revenue makes it to your bottom line. When you run into questions or have to make an important business decision, we'll always make time to offer sound advice.

All accountants are not created equal. The level of support you receive depends on the CPA you choose. Choose wisely. Call Profiter CPA Group now at (773) 728-1500 or request your free consultation online to find out what we can do for you.


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Asif Vadaria is a recognized and highly sought after CPA based in Chicago and Oak Brook, Illinois since 1991 on a mission to help small business owners, professionals and medical practitioners stop struggling and achieve greater success. He is the founder and President of Profiter CPA Group.

Asif Vadaria, CPA

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